Cemento demoledor Demolition

Basic operation: Drilling

As in the case of conventional operations, if the drill hole has not been made according to instructions, the demolition will fail.

  • Drill hole diameter: 30 to 65 mm. At temperatures of over 25º, the maximum diameter must be 50 mm. Up to diameter 40/45, CRAS VERDE or Universal should be used; for larger diameters, CRAS AZUL o AZUL ESPECIAL should be used.
  • Distance between holes: = drill bit diameter x 10
  • Depth: Always larger than the distance between holes, minimum 50 cm.

The above references will serve as guidelines, but, in all cases, we recommend you to make a preliminary test with few holes.

Consumption of CRAS per metre of depth according to the diameter of the drill bit used.

Weight: 1.15 kg 1.55 kg 2.00 kg 2.56 kg 3.15 kg 4.55 kg 5.30 kg 6.20 kg
Diameter 30 mm 35 mm 40 mm 45 mm 50 mm 60 mm 65 mm 70 mm