CRAS is a greyish powdery NON-EXPLOSIVE DEMOLISHING AGENT, the base component of which is inorganic lime.

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What it is

The CRAS, mixed with the right percentage of water (fresh water, which never exceeds 10 or 12 degrees in summer) causes, by means of a high-powered chemical reaction, an enormous expansive tension of more than 7,000 MT. Generally, 500 to 3,000 MT are enough to demolish all types of rock and concrete. Moreover, it does not paralyse any work on the construction site.


The unique characteristics of CRAS make the use of heavy machinery obsolete. In any case, it can be used for debris removal after demolition with CRAS.

Manual machinery and pneumatic hammers, compared to CRAS, cause enormous fatigue and hardship, are very slow and very expensive and, in short, are obsolete for certain jobs.

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

A safe way

KAYATI CRAS Advantages


KAYATI CRAS Advantages

With "0" vibration

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

Without explosions

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

No hammering noise or shaking

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

No gases

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

No sparks

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

No accessibility problems

KAYATI CRAS Advantages

No environmental damage

How it works

CRAS is based on the technology called ‘Chemical Hydration Reaction’. This very old technology was already used in the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids for the extraction and processing of large granite blocks.

Wooden wedges were put in and soaked with water. Due to the effect of the chemical reaction of hydration, a tremendous expansive force was produced and the consequent breakage.

Demolishing or expansive cements: the only difference between normal cement and expansive or demolishing cement is that the latter expands, while normal cement contracts. Wrecking cements, mixed with water, naturally produce the Chemical Hydration Reaction, generating an expansive force of 7,000 Tm/m2.


KAYATI produces 4 shades of CRAS, specific for each season of the year and for the different drill diameters used. It should be noted that with CRAS we can work with diameters from 30 mm to 70 mm.

With the CRAS VERDE-UNIVESAL it is possible to work all year round as long as the auger diameter does not exceed 40 mm and the ambient temperature does not exceed 25ºC. This is a great advantage over competitors, as they use a different product for each season, which means a 75% saving in material.





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