Underwater works

Obstacle removal in aquatic environments.

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How we use CRAS in Underwater works

Kayati’s CRAS expansive cement is an innovative solution for safe and efficient underwater demolition. Its application in these environments has several advantages and specific uses. CRAS Demol is a key product in UNDERWATER DEMOLITION.

Kayati - Underwater works


Safe and controlled solution, no risk of explosion, suitable for sensitive environments.




Without explosions

Forms of use

Demolición de estructuras submarinas

Ideal for demolishing concrete or rock structures underwater without causing vibrations or noise that could affect marine life.

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Excavations in ports and canals

Used to widen and maintain channels and harbors by breaking up rocks and submerged concrete.

Kayati Modos de empleo


Frecuently asked questions

The CRAS is mixed with water in a suitable proportion and poured into previously drilled holes in the structure to be demolished. The expansive reaction occurs even under water, facilitating the fracturing of the material.

Yes, CRAS is safe as it does not generate explosions or vibrations, which protects the surrounding marine fauna and flora.

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