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Non-explosive demolition cement, manufactured in Europe, with quality certifications and more than 25 years of experience.

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The professionals who created Kayati SL began experimenting in the construction sector in the eighties with a technology unknown in Spain at that time, expansive cements, designed for use on sites where, for safety reasons, explosives are not allowed.

Today, the company enjoys international prestige and its technology is widely used in Spain, thanks to the combination of a proven and 100% guaranteed product and a highly competitive price.

Kayati has a quality system certified according to the ISO 9000 standard and has a large number of references of works carried out for satisfied customers.



Experimenting in the construction sector with a technology unknown in Spain, expansive cements.


Patented development and manufacture of the non-explosive demolition agent CRAS, the last approved demolition agent of its kind in the world.


KAYATI acquires CRAS patent from CIDE


Kayati installs in Vitoria-Gasteiz the first European plant for the manufacture and commercialisation of this CRAS demolition agent.


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