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How we use CRAS in Sectors and uses

Any demolition project using the new non-explosive ‘Cras’ technology is much more economical and faster. Offering high performance, this demolition cement allows drilling holes from 25 to 70 mm in diameter, ensuring a total absence of vibrations. The use of this material does not require any experience or authorisation, so it can be used by anyone. Kayati will advise you on the multiple applications of ‘Cras’ and will be pleased to help you with all your needs.


There are many types of demolition projects where ‘Cras’ expansive cement is in demand. Emptying of car parks, underwater demolition, emptying between buildings, clearings for buildings or large clearings, among others, are carried out with 100% success thanks to the unequalled qualities of this material. Kayati will supply you with the quantity of product you want and also offers you a drilling service at really competitive prices.

Kayati - Demolition advantages


Kayati - Demolition advantages

High performance

Kayati - Demolition advantages

Good value for money

Forms of use

Loose rocks or boulders

  • First experience
  • More practical than any theoretical catalogue
  • First test that will provide you with 70% of the knowledge on the use of CRAS
Kayati Demolition uses

Fixed bedplate, several free sides

  • No repetition
  • With repetition
Kayati Demolition uses

Single-sided fixed bedplate

With an angle of 60% (see drawing) the hole can be deepened to a depth of up to 5 metres. Once a free face has been obtained, the hole can then be emptied as required, advancing to a depth of 0.8 metres at each step.

Kayati Demolition uses

Concrete structures

  • Breakage of beams or walls
  • Breaking of pillars and demolition of buildings
    • Cutting of a row
    • Triplet
    • X-cut
  • Breakage of bridges and buildings
    • By x-cutting
    • By shearing or horizontal cutting
    • By staggered cutting
  • Controlled demolition of buildings
  • Breakage of tanks, boxes, forts, silos, buildings, chimneys.
  • Breaching of large pillars, dams, etc.

    • Breaking of large borings in angle pillars, dams, etc.
    • Progressive demolition from top to bottom
    • Breakage of anchorages
    • Pile head breakage
Kayati Demolition uses


Frecuently asked questions

CRAS is an expansive cement used to demolish structures in a controlled manner. When mixed with water and introduced into boreholes, CRAS expands slowly, generating a pressure that fractures the concrete without the need for explosives.

Yes, CRAS is safe and ideal for urban areas as it does not produce explosions or strong vibrations, minimising the impact on nearby structures and reducing the risk of accidents.

The time may vary depending on the specific conditions of the project, but generally, CRAS begins to build pressure and fracture the material within 24 to 48 hours after application.

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