The silent break with CRAS

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In the fascinating world of demolition, CRAS, the demolition cement manufactured by the firm Kayati SL from Alava, is the protagonist of silent breakages. This demolition agent is a generator of cracks in rocks or concrete blocks, cracks that generate breakage.

CRAS uses the expansive reaction of hydration, a system for breaking rocks used in Ancient Egypt, which Kayati SL has turned into a process with a solid scientific basis and visible results, for thirty years, all over the world. CRAS is the essence of controlled breaking.

Demolition is no longer synonymous with noise and chaos. CRAS offers an elegant and precise alternative. Each demolition carried out using controlled expansion is a carefully orchestrated process, adjusting the time required for demolition and leaving behind a safer, more efficient working environment and a satisfied customer.

The images in this briefing tell stories of transformation. From towering structures to intricate rock formations, Kayati SL’s CRAS leaves its signature of quality and satisfaction in every demolition scenario.

CRAS has rewritten the rules of demolition. No explosives or heavy machinery are needed. Instead, the expansive reaction generated by setting mortar made with CRAS and poured into boreholes drilled according to the product’s instructions for use kills the hardest rocks in the most difficult places.

We are pleased to show photos of breaks carried out using CRAS. They are breaks that mean growth and allow new projects. At Kayati SL we have been turning demolition into the future for three decades. We hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

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